Become a Hypnotic Practitioner

Learn the skills and techniques of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to make Fast & Lasting Change with clients.

There are Two HUGE Benefits to helping people like this:
#1 People become happier and start achieving the life they want and deserve. This in turn impacts everyone around them.
#2 You Are Rewarded. You’ll earn money making a REAL difference in people lives. Maybe even working from Home with just a Laptop and an Internet connection..
It’s a Real  WIN, WIN.

Helping people create Positive change is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do.

Right now, more people than ever are looking to: Relax, Refocus and make Positive Shifts changes in  their lives.
Basically, as a Hypnotic Change Practitioner you’ll NEVER run out clients, because our world is FULL of people needing your help, assistance and service.
So this could be perfect for you if you’re interested in making Positive Fast and Effective Change in peoples lives.
Using Hypnotic Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more... in Person, groups, on a Video-call, or through the power of recorded mediums.

Are You Ready to Become a Hypnotic Agent of Change?

Class Starts November 1st

3 Month Hypnosis Certificated Course

  • Weekly Audio Program with study material
  • Extensive supporting videos and case studies
  • Fun, simple practice activities, to master it you must practice it
  • Regular Q&A sessions answering your questions AND expanding ideas
  • Homework assignments and course work assessments
  • Complete Home Study Course on your timescale and at your pace
  • Certification of Competence (not just Completion)

Learn the Art and Science of Hypnosis

  • Learn the latest 'Hypnotic Technology'
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Learn to hypnotise both yourself and others
  • Conversational rapid change techniques.
Learn How To Help People:
  • Get Over Phobias and Fears. Let GO of worries and doubts etc.
  • Stop Smoking, Banish Bad Habits, Lose Weight and Achieve Fitness Goals.
  • Gain More Confidence, Self-Esteem and Become more Motivated and Passion Driven.

"In all my time working with people and helping them make personal breakthroughs I had never seen anything work as fast as John can.”

The Renegade Pharmacist - Niraj Naik

"I was struck by the level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of NLP that John has as he effortlessly carries out interventions and is a master of the use of language and the NLP toolbox to effect change."

Rose Evans

Ready to become a
Hypnotic Change Practitioner?

If you're interested apply above and I will contact you. Places are limited