7-Day Releasing & Letting Go Mindcamp

Discover The Powerful NLP Skills & Techniques For Change...

Understand: The Structure of Thinking. And How To Alter it to Create New Behaviors


  • You'll discover the 3 Core Skills & Techniques for Releasing & Letting Go
  • How To Set Positive Well-Formed Intentions  
  • Use the power of the Unconscious Mind with: Dynamic Hypnosis 

Including: Releasing & Letting Go Hypnotic PowerNap

An 11 Minute Mental Recharge for...
  • Banishing the negative internal dialogues holding you back. 
  • Gaining Emotional Freedom from Anxiety, Worry, Doubt and more... 

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Tried and tested psychological techniques for Letting Go of Worry, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Limiting Beliefs and more...  and tools to create new habits of success, giving you more of the life you want.

noun Mindcamp 

“A FUN mental training that consists of many different types of tools, techniques and exercises done regularly, designed to make you more AWESOME.”

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